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Wall Tie Replacement in Sydney, The Central Coast and Newcastle


The Problem: Corroded Wall Ties

The most common need to replace wall ties is from corrosion.

This is due to the fact that the original cavity wall ties would have been made from galvanised mild steel.

Over time the protective galvanising coating on the ties breaks down and allows the base metal to corrode.

The ties purpose is to provide lateral support between either the internal brickwork or timber frame, and the external brickwork/stone. If the tie corrodes it becomes weak and eventually the tie won’t be doing its intended job. This can lead to a very dangerous hazard where the external masonry can collapse!

How can you tell if your wall ties need replacing? This is often evident when you see the external walls start to bow or lean outwards and away from the main structure of the house. You may also start to see cracks appear in the brickwork.

The Solution: Call or email Helicrete Now

Let us fix the problem for you. If you notice these problems then rest assured we are able to help. We are available to visit your property and inspect the problems and provide you with a free quotation to repair the problem by installing replacement wall ties.

We do this by drilling a hole in the external brickwork, across the cavity and into the internal brickwork or timber studs. The replacement cavity wall ties are then installed through the outer brickwork and into the internal wall. The replacement wall ties are made of Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel so they will never need replacing. The ties we use are from Helifix because they are tried and tested the world over by many independent universities and have been in use for more than three decades. This gives the customer peace of mind knowing they are using a product with such a long pedigree and installed by a reputable company such as Helicrete, who have been in this line of work for over 10 years now.

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We specialise in wall tie replacement

We specialise in all wall tie replacement jobs, for individuals and businesses owners in Sydney, the Central Coast and Newcastle. With our long proven track record and knowing this work inside and out, we are known as one of the most reputable companies offering wall tie replacement.

We firmly believe in providing services that are economical whilst not cutting quality in our workmanship.

Once the cavity wall ties are installed by our team of professional technicians you will never need to replace the wall ties again, as they are made of high quality marine grade 316 stainless steel, which won't corrode. The replacement wall ties are used for commercial properties, residential homes and various office buildings.

Through our many years of experience we can tell from the types of bricks in a wall and know the most suitable approach for the repairs required. We can use an alternative tie installation method if the bricks are too soft for the conventional method, which means they are bonded with resin.

Testing the ties to make sure they are installed correctly is paramount, especially on larger jobs such as entire wall, side of a house or even an entire house. This involves the use of a load test unit being fixed over the end of a wall tie and then a load being applied. This tests that the ties are doing there intended job and will hold fast.

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The house shown below was a new build property near Newcastle. The builders had used the incorrect duty of cavity ties because they were in close proximity to the ocean, a marine environment and as such they required an appropriate tie to be installed. The house was a timber framed brick veneer construction. The scaffolding had all been removed and so we had to install the ties from the inside. The builders opted to remove all the plasterboard from the timber frame of the walls. We installed the ties through the timber stud and across the cavity in to the back of the bricks. The work was completed in two days installing 900 replacement wall ties.

Replacement wall ties were installed in a newly built home in Newcastle!

The above photo shows a replacement wall tie behind the  power cable. The cables run through the cavity and through our experience we are able to mitigate the risk of striking a power cable. We ensure our employees safety by strictly adhering to the relevant safety procedures and protocols when working around electricity. This is another reason to use a trusted and experienced company such as Helicrete, as we are aware of the potential risks with this type of work and the correct steps to take to safeguard against these types of hazards.

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Often there may be other defects present on the building when replacing cavity wall ties such as eroded or missing mortar. We can make some recommendations if this is the case and are happy to provide you with a quote for repointing should it be needed, to keep your property looking its best and staying watertight.



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